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Who is Aysedasi?

I am a 62 year old Le Mans addict!  I made my first visit to Le Mans in 1986 and have been back every year since.  I could never have imagined when I made that first trip that Le Mans would become such a passion, but I know that there are plenty more like me out there who couldn't possibly contemplate the idea of not going to Le Mans every year.

I am, I suppose, what you would call a professional (that's work-wise, not a professional Le Mans addict!), and have been working in the same place for nearly 44 years and will be retiring in just over a month (October 2019).  I live on the south coast of England in the New Forest, a beautiful place to live, and I'm lucky enough to have a lovely wife who puts up with my Le Mans fixation with great patience and (usually) good cheer all year round.  I also have two children, one who is a mechanic and another a sporty inline hockey addict.  I'm a long-standing member of the ACO and a former member of the BARC and, for what it's worth, I was a member of the now defunct Racing for Britain and the short-lived Motor Racing GB which followed.  I've been an avid supporter of motor racing in the UK for many years and before I married my wife I could be seen at a circuit somewhere in the country every weekend during the season.  My Inca Yellow MGB GT was quite a familiar site at Silverstone, Brands Hatch and my local circuit, Thruxton.  I wonder if anyone out there still remembers seeing me?  I doubt it!  I was a great supporter of F3 in the UK, and through Racing for Britain followed the careers of Andy Wallace and Johnny Herbert in particular.  Naturally, I was very pleased indeed when Andy won Le Mans in 1988 and Johnny did likewise in 1991. 

My regular weekend trips to circuits ended a long time ago as I couldn't afford a family and a mortgage as well as the petrol and the developing costs for the hundreds of reels of film I used to take during the season.  I now generally limit myself to Le Mans and the annual sportscar race at Silverstone each year.  I am very much a sports car fan - I find modern day Formula 1 about as exciting as watching paint dry.  My F1 era was really the mid-80's to the mid-90's, the Senna, Prost, Mansell, Piquet era.  I am often asked what the derivation of the name "Aysedasi" is, but I prefer to let my visitors guess.  In fact, I've already given you a clue and for once it actually has nothing at all to do with Le Mans!

So that's me.  Do have a look around my site.  I'm just one of the many thousands of people who are captivated by what I consider to be motor racing's greatest spectacle and experience.  If you've enjoyed that experience yourself, I'm sure you'll understand my enthusiasm.  If you haven't been to Le Mans, I hope my passion will rub off and tempt you to make the trip.  I just know you won't be disappointed.