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1st Tickets are a booking service for popular motor racing events. Their specialisation is the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race.  They aim to offer tickets at competitive prices to race enthusiasts and novices alike.





One of the first things I did as a Le Mans anorak when I put up my website back in February 2001 was to scan in my Le Mans tickets.  Unfortunately I hadn't saved any between 1986 and 1990, but Rick at Maison Blanche helped me out with scans of the missing ones.  You'll also see a scan of the 1985 ticket which Vincent Meseck was kind enough to send me.

With tickets lying around all over the place (I never throw any away these days!), by 2007 I thought it was about time I revisited this page and put up the tickets since 2001. 

If anyone has any tickets from years prior to 1985 which they would let me have (or scan for me), I'd love to keep the page going.