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Le Mans 2018 - Ayse's Story

Page 17 - Dawn at Mulsanne

Sunday 17th June



Having spent the best part of four hours at Arnage and Indianapolis, James, Toby and I decided to make the move on to Mulsanne Corner.  In contrast to previous years this was an early move, as by habit I had always previously stayed at Arnage and Indianapolis until dawn, however as we hadn't found James F and Ramona and hadn't had any messages, we took the decision to get going.  In truth, we were a little weary of sitting and standing at Arnage by now and felt that it was time get the circulation going again with the walk back to the overflow car park where we disturbed Allon's slumbers, loaded our chairs and bags into the car and set off for Mulsanne.

It was still dark of course when we arrived in a fairly sparsely populated car park and I know we were walking to the corner viewing area at about 4.55 am as my first video from there was taken actually as we walked at that time.  We made our way to the viewing area and I was surprised to find that most of the trees that we used to walk through had now been cut down, rather sad really.  The viewing area still had a fair few people on it and we set up our chairs to await the dawn. 





By hour 14 of the race, both of the Rebellions were in difficulty (but still running) and the #8 Toyota was rapidly reeling in the #7, whether on pace or team orders, we didn't know.  In the other classes, there was relatively little to report other than a retirement or two. 



We remained at Mulsanne Corner until dawn and again a video taken as we walked back to the car shows that we left just before 6.30.  Ordinarily we might have stayed a little longer, but we were all feeling pretty weary by now and we felt that an early pit stop back at the hotel might revitalise us again.  So we made our way back, arriving just after 7 am and agreed to rendezvous outside at 8.40 after a wash and brush up and a change of clothes.

As is always the case by this time, the will to take loads of photos and video had ebbed somewhat, so the offerings are rather meagre, although I particularly like the 'walking' videos at the start and the finish.  There's something somehow very entertaining about a stroll through the French countryside with cars racing past a few metres away...  Here are the five videos I shot -