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Le Mans 2018 - Ayse's Story

Page 15 - The Race Continues at the Esses

Saturday 16th June



We spent about an hour at Tertre Rouge before walking down from the viewing area and walking back and up the steep steps to the bank at the bottom of the Esses where there are one or two places where photography is possible.  Even though I despite what the ACO did to this part of the track in 2002, it does give a great view up to the Dunlop Bridge, emphasising what a drop it is down to the Esses from there. 

The viewing area was also quite crowded here and there was some jostling for best positions at the one small part with no fencing as the cars power out of the final left hander to head on down to Tertre Rouge. 










































We stayed here for another hour before realising that we were all getting a bit peckish so we walked back up from the Esses to the tunnel just past Dunlop and back through to the main grandstands area where we stopped and indulged in tartiflette for dinner.  In 33 years, this was my first tartiflette, would you believe.  It was pretty good....

You'll notice when you play the last video that it was shot from T17, according to the timestamp just after 10 pm.  I confess to being pretty sketchy about these times but that must be pretty close....