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Le Mans 2017 - Ayse's Story

Page 9 - What a Lap! (And We Missed It!!!)

Thursday 15th June



It took a while to get out of the heavy traffic near the circuit and we didn't arrive until after the session had just started and while we were walking from the overflow car park (a nuisance!), Kamui Kobayashi set what would prove to be the pole time in an extraordinary lack of 3:14.791, the fastest ever lap of Le Mans in qualifying.  We had dinner of sandwich Americain merguez again there but it was poorer than at Mulsanne the previous night and a bit of a rip off actually...



Once again we set up our chairs this time on the bank at Indianapolis, which had been such a welcome new addition in 2016. It was still very warm, and I had brought with me a light jumper and trousers which I put on a little later in the evening.

The second qualifying session didn't go exactly to plan for the ACO or the teams.  With only 20 minutes on the clock, the #33 Eurasia Ligier had a big off in the hands of Erik Maris, which brought out a red flag and a delay until the session restarted at 8.10.  The ACO then planned to run the session through until 9.30, shortening the 'dinner break' between the second and third sessions, however another red flag for the Panis Barthez Ligier brought the second session to a premature end at 9.20.