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Le Mans 2017 - Ayse's Story

Page 20 - Ayse's Postscript



So, what is there to be said about the Le Mans 2017 trip that hasn't been said already or is just a repeat of what I've said at this point in previous years?  In truth, not a lot, I guess.  Well, aside from the fact that 2017 was a great 'event' - the whole week and a bit, that is.  The weather - well that was absolutely astonishing.  Not a single drop of rain during the entire trip.  Even in my days of much shorter trips between 1986 and 2009 I don't think I can recall a year which involved no rain at all.  And it was hot - very hot.  All day, every day and through most of the nights as well.  There were times when it was actually quite draining, but very welcome of course.  I wouldn't have wanted to swap it for the rain of 2016, that's for sure.  The company was top notch as well - as it always is.  We know what we like to do and 'mesh' together perfectly in that regard. 

As to the race itself, as a Toyota 'fan' it was deeply disappointing - again.  Porsche certainly had the run of the luck, in both 2016 and 2017 but it has to be said that they finished both races while Toyota's challenge faded away.  In the same way as I will never forget the closing minutes of Le Mans 2016, nor will I forget that hour or so during race night this year in a hurry.  Seeing an LMP2 car get so close to winning overall was exciting, but always tempered by the knowledge that Porsche were almost inevitably going to overhaul the JCDC car.  The GTEPro contest was first-rate and I'm sure that the Le Mans GT fans enjoyed it immensely, but for me as a prototype afficionado, it somehow flattered to deceive, a feeling that was only enhanced by Porsche's hugely disappointing decision to walk away from the WEC and Le Mans, announced a while later.  Who knows what kind of race we're going to be witness to in 2018. 

But, be there I will be, this time with both of my boys in tow and I will enjoy seeing how they react to the experience in 2018.  2017 was my 32nd Le Mans so next year will definitely be a 'long player' (if you're old enough to appreciate that one).  I hope to see you there.