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Le Mans 2017 - Ayse's Story

Page 19 - It's All Over Now....

Monday 19th June



After a very good night's sleep I was awake at 7 am on the Monday morning and after a coffee and a shower I set about packing my bags to save a bit of time later.  Sean arrived to collect Allon for their journey home at about 9.40 but not before we nipped up to the bar for our final breakfast.  After that it was off to Auchan for some final shopping and to buy flowers and chocolates for our hosts at the hotel.  After finishing off the last few bits of packing, we said farewell to Madame and Monsieur and set off for the drive back to Caen, still in the same marvelous weather that we had enjoyed all week.    


We arrived in Ouistreham and parked up and then made a beeline for our omelettes, frites and cider at Le Gouland before joining the queue for the ferry. 


By 4.20 pm we were on board in our cabin and the ferry eventually set sail 40 minutes late (absolutely jam-packed as usual) at 5.10 pm.  I won't bother to try and describe in detail our mandering around the shops or having fish and chips for dinner (again) as it's a rather tedious process -  and its far more dull on the way home than on the way out!





We raced Allon and Sean's L Havre ferry into port, winning by a small margin and were docked in Portsmouth by 9.30.  We were very lucky getting off the ferry exceedingly quickly, so much so that I met up with my James at the M27 services at 10.10 and we were home less than an hour later.  And so the story of the Le Mans 2017 trip draws to a close.