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Le Mans 2017 - Ayse's Story

Page 17 - Morning Has Broken (Like Toyota.....)

Sunday 18th June



Once dawn arrived we headed back to the cars (surprising Allon again in the process!) and made our usual move out to Mulsanne Corner, arriving just before 6 am. 

Although we didn't bump into Pascal there this year, we did take our standard breakfast of croissants with hot brown liquid (aka coffee, allegedly) before heading up onto the bank for the annual spell of watching the race in the early morning light while struggling to listen to Radio Le Mans (a constant companion during the night) although the reception there was just as fickle as it had been earlier in the week. 












By 7 am, the cold (yes, it was a bit chilly despite the morning sunshine), the weariness from lack of sleep and the disappointments of the night had taken their toll and we left the circuit for our traditional 'pitstop' back at the hotel for a revitalising shower and a change of clothes.