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Le Mans 2017 - Ayse's Story

Chapter Index



     The Prologue

     Saturday 10th June - And So It All Begins Again

     Sunday 11th June - Out in the Sunshine - Scrutineering 1

     Monday 12th June - More of the Same - Scrutineering 2

     Tuesday 13th June - Time for a Recce

    Wednesday 14th June - Let's Get Down to Business

     Wednesday 14th June - First Qualifying at Mulsanne

     Thursday 15th June - More Fun in the Sun

     Thursday 15th June - What a Lap! (And We Missed It!!!)

     Thursday 15th June - Final Qualifying

     Friday 16th June - The 'CBW' and Back to the Circuit

     Saturday 17th June - A Meeting?  What a Novel Idea!

     Saturday 17th June - Shall We Race?

    Saturday 17th June - Time to Move On

    Saturday 17th June - The Night Beckons.... (and Catastrophe for Toyota)

     Sunday 18th June - A Sombre Night....

     Sunday 18th June - Morning Has Broken (Like Toyota.....)

     Sunday 18th June - It's Porsche Again (But GTEPro was Good!)

     Monday 19th June - It's All Over Now....

     Ayse's Postscript