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Following on from the precedent I set last year, I plan once again to try and do a sort of diary of the weeks and days leading up to Le Mans and then my time at Le Mans itself.  Like last year, it will probably only go up to the Friday, the day before the race, as once we're into the race day, it simply isn't possible to keep up! 


Monday 2nd April

I think I'll start the diary now.  It's Easter Monday with now 68 days until I leave for France.  I'm still working on my (very late!) Story of Le Mans 2017, which might just see the light of day before I leave for the 2018 Le Mans!  As I'll be driving to France myself this year (for the first time in 33 years, believe it or not), I've actually been planning routes and putting places in my sat nav to make sure I remember where I need to drive to once I'm there.  It's surprising how good the memory is though - thanks to Google maps....