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Hello all, welcome to the website of a self-confessed Le Mans addict! - I hope you find something of interest while you're here. 

I'm now celebrating 17 years on the internet - having started my website in February 2001.

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29.01.19 - It has been a while since I posted here, partly due to post Le Mans 'malaise' and partly indolence, however I am still working on the 2018 Story which I hope to have finished before the end of February - so pretty much on time - my time!   

A few months back I posted about trying to obtain race tickets from some of my early years at Le Mans.  I eventually succeeded in that quest and have now revitalised my old 'Tickets' page with all of the tickets I now possess.  That's not far short of 100 tickets.  Use the animated gif below if you want to take a look. 

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